Thursday, 7 January 2016

Find Your Beat at One of This Summers’ Beach Party Festivals in Sydney

Beach Party Percussion

The summer will be the perfect occasion for a beach party this year in Sydney, with a whole host of public events such as summer fest being hosted on Sydney beaches. You will be able to find your groove thanks to the many variations of drumming that perfectly accompanies a beach party, with percussion instruments such as bongos, congas and djembes to set the party atmosphere as the sun sets.

Bongo Bongos!

Percussion instruments such as the bongos are the perfect idea for a beach party, due to their relaxing sounds which add to the groove of the type of music being played. Derived from Central Africa and the Congo, these soothing backing beat makers are both relaxing and dance-inducing when it comes to party atmospheres, and perform great with all kinds of traditional and modern music.

Bongos Percussion
Image by Garry Knight / CC BY 2.0

Bongos keep the beat perfectly and with the addition of a few acoustic guitars and a little wind instrument will set a perfect tone for your Australian beach party.

Congas Percussion
Image by 4028mdk09 / CC BY 3.0

Latin Conga Percussion Grooves

Congas are used in many forms of music, from west-African beat-driven songs, Latin American and Cuban music that also features many other percussion instruments to the music of the South Sea Islands such as Tonga, Polynesia and other ethnic groups.

For any South American themed party, the congas are an absolute must! They work great with all kinds of music and can even turn modern acoustic music into a special atmosphere with their additional rhythmic power.

Relaxing Rhythm of the Djembes

Drums such as Djembes are the perfect accompaniment for African beat-themed music, as well as world music which makes a great theme for your beach party. For the best beach party, pounding dance music and modern rock music may be a little too much, so toning it down with a few instruments and some Djembes will add a personal touch to your music, and let the rhythm take your guests.

Djembe Percussion
Image by Pumpmeup via Wikipedia / CC BY 2.0

Being a simplified percussion instrument which is used in music that demands the simplicity of a rhythmic beat, friends and family can turn their hand to the drum skin to join in and enjoy the music.

Looking for the Perfect Beach Party Sounds?

Like many people who take a group of friends or family down to the beach, you will understand that the music sets the mood perfectly. So if you are an instrument enthusiast and love to take a guitar to all of your parties, why not find turn your hand to a percussive instrument?

Drummers Paradise is having a collection of the top names in drumming equipment such as Pearl in their drum store in Melbourne. You can pick up many different modern kits, as well as ethnic and world music instruments such as congas, bongos and djembes to highlight your own personal musical touch.

So if your next get-together is a traditional Australian beach party why not pick up one of these atmosphere-setting percussion instruments and add a little rhythm to your celebration. Being the backbeat of a summers’ evening at the beach is one experience you won’t want to miss this summer!

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