Tuesday, 12 August 2014

What to look for in a pro drum kit

For both beginners and intermediate drummers wanting to upgrade, choosing the right drum kit is important. With Tama drums or Pearl kits, not only will you be able to fully customise your drums individually with a wider range of options available, you will also be able to upgrade each individual part as you further progress your drumming level.

Pearl drum kits have become synonymous with high quality percussion drums for the past 60 years. The brand and has found its way to become one of the biggest drum company in the world. This Japanese company has pioneered many innovations in the industry such as wood and fiberglass shells, as well as the introduction of “Phenolic” shells combined with roto-toms to create vari-pitch drums. Pearl continues to invent and innovate today.

Pearl Kits, steeped in history

Pearl drums have a long illustrious line of kits to choose from, such as beginner kits through to professional stage percussion instruments. In between these we have a range of shells, skins, cases, stands and pedals for any drummer to create their own kit.

As with any professional level musical instruments, your budget will come in handy in giving you an idea of what you can afford. Creating your own pro Pearl drum kit may come in handy as buying the base level five-piece and later upgrading your heads and pedals make more economic sense.

The Export EXX Range

The Export EXX range of Pearl drum kits is an excellent place to start if you are looking to build your first pro kit. This is the number 1 selling drum kit in the world and benefits from all of the features you have come to know and love from Pearl. Featuring uni-lock booms, REMO coated heads, as well as premium poplar and rich Asian mahogany shells to finish the look.

Every single piece of the kit is upgradable at a later date if you wish. The Export EXX range of Pearl drums give you the options you need to further your drumming technique, as well as honing your tone to perfection. It’s no surprise so many professional drummers are using these kits.

Tama drums

Tama is another famous name in the world of drumming, thanks to their large range of professional percussion instruments at affordable prices. Tama, being one of the most recognisable names in drumming has grown to be a popular choice for intermediate and professional level drummers who wish to add an extra level of customisation to their playing.

Tama drums produce a huge range of hardware options to add to your kit, making it easier than ever to upgrade whilst you save up! Tama drummers include Stuart Copeland of The Police, as well as Metallica Drummer Lars Ulrich. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Tama is a name you can trust to take your drumming to the next level.

The StarClassic Range

The StarClassic series of Tama drums is the ideal choice for anyone looking to buy an intermediate or professional kit. Built using only the finest materials, you have a range of finishing options to choose from, as well as configurations that suit your playing needs best. With a choice of Birch on the performer kit, Maple or Bubinga, you might just find that killer tone you’ve been looking for.

As with Pearl, Tama produces a large range of patented accessories and hardware upgrades, giving you the option to buy the standard kit and then later upgrade at will.

Choose your configuration

Creating your first pro kit is simple with either Pearl or Tama drums, offering you a huge range of options, finishes as well as configuration for your main purchase. When buying, think about what you may upgrade to in the future, and how easy it will be for your kit to accommodate it. Don’t forget to listen to each kit you wish to purchase to ensure it has the tone that suits your music or style best.

Choosing a pro kit from one of the two most popular drum kit manufacturers in the world is simple. Choose a range that best suits your playing style, ensure that you have the right configuration to make your playing easy, and pick the hardware options that suit your music best. Upgrade your kit at a later date to incorporate different tone heads and skins, play around with configurations and you will soon be in drumming heaven with your new pro kit.