Sunday, 10 April 2016

Top 5 Metal Drummers of All Time

Metal has stood the test of time as a sub-genre of music that continues to enthral it’s listeners with heavy guitars, subtle, precision rhythm playing and unmistakeable drum beats that have spawned a host of instrument technologies to push the limits of this genre. The true leaders of this style of music has relied on the drummers to keep up with the influential and tight style that metal has provided millions of fans with.

Whether you are a musician or not, there are certain characters and names of drummers in the metal scene that either spark you with inspiration, or fill you with wonder about how on earth they can play the beats they do. Some, more than others have influenced more people, brought new techniques and have had a hand in creating customised drum kits to bring the world of music a new dimension altogether. Here is a top 5 list of the world’s best metal drummers of all time.

Dave Lombardo – Slayer

What can be said about Dave Lombardo other than total legend? How about the fact that pretty much nobody could drum at the speed that this guy does- but when you add in the precision needed to keep that Slayer beat is nothing but staggering.  Dave is an aggressive player that takes both a precision and feedback from his kit to really feel the music, highlighting his passion and depth in his playing that has inspired thousands of people to pick up the sticks.

Nicholas Barker – Cradle of Filth, Exodus

This British extreme metal drummer is well known for his collaborations with Cradle of Filth, Exodus, Lock Up and Borknagar as well as a host of other modern bands over the past 25 years. With a thrashing style that has influenced many others, Nicholas Barker has cornered the market for his very own extreme metal style of his own, with a huge range of styles when it comes to Symphonic to Grind Core.

Chris Adler - Lamb of God

Chris Adler from Lamb of God has filled in the metal scene where Cradle of Filth left of to give us a new edge in metal drumming that combined groove beats and thrash into an unmistakable style of his own. Influenced by both progressive rock and thrash metal, Chris has continued to excite fellow drummers with an increasingly more extreme drumming technique that has featured on Lamb of God’s more recent albums.  

Lars Ulrich – Metallica

Lars Ulrich often appears on many top drummers list more to do with his influential style, other than his actual competency when it comes to method and style. Many people are divided on whether Lars is a good drummer or a great drummer, but they cannot deny that the music he has created with Metallica, along with the drumming techniques and styles that he has brought into metal and made his own, you cannot argue with that fact that he is probably the most influential drummer that ascends the genre.

Joey Jordison – Slipknot, Korn, Marilyn Manson

Joey Jordison is one of very few metal drummers to have played in some of the most commercially successful bands over the past 20 years. Playing with an extreme death metal and nu-metal style, he helped taking his first band Slipknot into the stratosphere in terms of recognition and commercial success. He is probably best known for his outrageous pyrotechnic and light show that included him and his drum kit rotating in all directions to add to the effect of the show-stopping beats he was playing.

There is a ton of tricks, techniques and lessons to be learned from these influential metal drummers who are widely considered as the best metal drummers of all time. With a hint of natural skill, adamant dedication, and inspired by any of these legends, you too can create a drumming style of your own. It won't be very dramatic if your name ends up in a list just like this one! And if you in Australia, there's one brand that can help you to achieve greatness, Drummers Paradise, Melbourne's #1 drum store, if not Australia's!