Friday, 21 August 2015

Complete Drum Kit Buying Guide for The Next Great Drummer

tough decision
Choosing your first drum kit can be a tough decision not only because of the range of kits available from the different brands, but the price is something that beginners first worry about. But don’t worry; there are plenty of different types of kit for all audiences and for all budgets.

So what makes a great first kit for beginners, and what makes the best kit for gigging pros who want something they can rely on night after night? Let’s look at some of the best drum kits and brands available on the market today.

Acoustic or Electric?

Acoustic or Electric

The first choice you have to make when purchasing a drum kit is the type of kit you want and need for everyday playing. There are two main types of kit available - acoustic kits or electric kits. Acoustic drum kits are the traditional type of kit that contains snares, kick, and toms that use drum skins and circular rims to make the sound.

The electronic drum kit has come a long way since its early years and now provides drummers with an alternative kit that is lightweight and small in size and with an amplified electronically produced sound that comes with all manner of different effects and natural tones. Electronic kits are a great choice for a beginner as they can be cheaper in some cases, and are also perfect for a professional looking to gig with something reliable and modern.

Beginner, Entry-Level or Pro?

Beginner, Entry-Level or Pro

Kits come in all different sizes from beginner 5-piece kits that contain all you need to get you started, up to entry-level kits that expand the range of drums and cymbals as well as more advanced kits that can be placed on a rig and added to if and when you need to.

For the majority of people, a simple 8-piece kit that contains a bass drum, snare, two toms, a floor tom, a high-hat, a ride and a crash cymbal is the perfect place to start. It has all you need to perform all of the drumming duties required, without being too complicated and causing you to under-performing when you need it most.

Choosing the Best Brand for You

Choosing the Best Brand

There are a number of different brands that are well-known to produce some of the highest quality drumming equipment, cymbals and skins to give you the ultimate in tone and power.

Pearl, Mapex, Tama and DW are some of the best-known brands to offer a range of drum kits for beginners, entry-levellers, professionals and enthusiasts alike. Each with a range of standard kits that contain all of the drums and cymbals that you need to start, as well as offering a range of added extras to add to your kit, they also have the range of drums necessary to create a fully customised kit yourself.

Pearl have been in the game for a long time and are at the forefront of the drumming world with a number of famous drummers having played their equipment and launched signature series. One of the best-known Pearl drum kit ranges is the ‘Export’ series that includes professional quality rims and set-up to give you the best sound possible. The Pearl ‘Reference’ range contains some of the best equipment in the industry, and is used in recording studios the world over.

Tama for Quality

Tama for Quality

Tama are well known for their expertise in the world of drums, and have a large range of equipment on offer that is widely attainable for any drummer of any ability. From the ‘Swingstar’ entry-level range right up to the ‘Starclassic’, Tama has something to offer everyone. Why not choose the Tama ‘Silverstar’ to hone your skills with and work up to implementing some of the fantastic add-ons available for just about every kit.

DW Drums offer over forty years of innovation at the heart of their kits and allow anyone to pick up and play with a range of beginner and entry-level models. DW Drums are played by some of the modern world’s best drummers these days, so why not get behind some of these beautifully designed kits such as the ‘Design’ series that offers pure tone and class at every level.

Boost Your Playing Style!

Boost Your Playing Style

No matter your level of ability, drumming has been made easier than ever to get into with a range of kits available for anyone of any ability for just about every budget. If you have the money to spend, why not choose a brand name that has proved their design and tone such as Pearl, who offer you only the very best.

If modern sounds are your idea of drumming paradise, why not opt for something in the DW Drums line-up to get that perfect tone that you are looking for. If you are a beginner and are looking to boost your ability and playing style, you’d never regret opting for a Tama kit that is made to measure for your playing style. You never know, you could be launching a new career with your shiny new drum kit at hand!