Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Top 5 Brands of Drum Kits That Money Can Buy

Looking to get into the drumming scene or just joining a band for the first time There is much to learn about drumming when it comes to keeping rhythm, and some might say even more when it comes to hardware. Drum kits come in all shapes and sizes and are often tailor made to suit a particular genre or style of playing, but by finding the perfect piece for each job you can create the kit of your dreams in no time at all.

Here is a list of the top 5 drum brands that will get you started on the road to drummer’s paradise.

1.Pearl Drum Kits

Pearl are a name synonymous with the drumming world for their glorious history in manufacturing, as well as the iconic kits they have created over the past 60 years. Some of the best drummers in the world have used Pearl kits as their staple touring and studio kits, and with the phenomenal success of the Export Series of drum kit, they are sure to continue on their path of drumming glory.
Check our the Masters Series of Pearl drum kits to see how far drumming has really come in the past 60 years with Pearl. Manufactured using only the finest acoustically matched materials, Pearl drum kits scream quality and acoustic fidelity throughout the kit.

Tama Drum Kits

2.Tama Drum Kits

Tama are one of the brands that many touring drummers prefer to use for their versatility in both sound and construction. With a large range of matched kits to choose from such as the Silverstar range that offers versatility throughout the acoustic spectrum, Tama has pushed the bang for buck envelope even further with the Starclassic range that offers sweet fidelity at an even sweeter price.

3.Zildjian Cymbals and percussion

Zildjian is the foremost authority in the drumming world when it comes to percussion additions and cymbals. With a wide range of cymbals to choose from, you are sure to be able to perfectly match your drumming style and musical tastes with room to spare. Used by just about every professional drummer at some point in their careers, Zildjian carries the excellent ZBT series, A Series and the remarkable sounding K Custom series.

4. Mapex Drum Kits

Mapex is another leader in the drumming industry when it comes to taking advantage of new technologies and materials to create the ultimate sounding kit. With the latest range of Rock Fusion kits becoming the go-to kit for many up-and-coming bands, Mapex is enjoying somewhat of a revival as a professional drum kit manufacturer.

Being specialists in particular hardware, Mapex is best known for their snare drums, with many pro drummers switching out their standard kit snares for MPML Snare series drums or the rather radical addition of the new ‘Exterminator’ Snare.

6. Sabian Percussion Cymbals and instruments

Sabian is another big hitter in field of percussive instruments and cymbals. Seemingly just as popular as Zildjian, Sabian has its own range of custom built, hand-made professional cymbal ranges that speak louder than words when it comes to effects. Known for their bright shimmering ride and splash cymbals, Sabian is a mainstay for many a professional drummer on the road.

When it comes to choosing the best equipment money can buy, stick to this list of the top 5 drum kit manufacturers and you cannot go wrong. Mix and match the kits, snares, foot pedals and cymbals to best suit your playing style, and you will find that you can create the individual sound that you are after quicker than Keith Moon’s drumsticks